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Suenaka Wadokai Unforms and Clothing

Wadokai Uniform We are now selling our own Aikido GI's that feature the Suenaka Family Crest on the standard Aikido lapels. We also offer Suenaka uniform, gym and weapon bags as well as other various Suenaka clothing items and weapons for the Wadokai Organization. For additional information please speak with Shihan Gene Cross.

Martial Arts Equipment, Uniforms, etc.

We recommend a single weave / 450g style Gi based on our warm Georgia climate even throughout the winters. A single weave/450g style is the most traditonal form of Aikido gi. A single weave / 450g offers the best balance of durability, weight, and padding. The double weaves are twice as thick and will also take twice as long to dry.

Please note: with all Gi jackets you will want to hang dry them as they will shrink in traditional dryers. Some brands can be dried on permanent press/lowest dryer setting, but we do not usually suggest this as it may still shrink slowly over time. Nine Cirlces sell 8 and 12oz gi's which are lighter and thinner than traditional weave jackets.

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