Join Villa Rica Aikido

Fees & Uniforms

Monthly dues are simply $45 a month with a one time $10 registration fee. We have zero membership contracts.


Aikido Uniforms can be purchased through us if you are a member. Or you may purchase one from any online store that offers Aikido Gi's.

See Aikido in Action

You are invited to watch our Aikido instruction during any of our scheduled classes. Please contact us to schedule a time. Parents and family members are also welcome to come out and watch a class. Schedule a Visit AIkido Class

Free Starter Classes

You are welcome to directly experience a class as well. At Villa Rica Aikido, we offer three free classes where you can participate on the mat. There are no fees, contracts, or obligations of any kind. We only ask that you sign our general waiver as is standard practice with all Martial Arts schools. Wear something comfortable and loose but no shorts. Since we will be tumbling on the mats, you will want some type of protection for your legs. Sweats or loose pants are OK. Make sure it is something you can stretch in. If you want, you can purchase a uniform later. The facility has separate men's and women's changing rooms for your convenience Free Starter Classes

Additional Benefits of Aikido

In addition to being an excellent form of self-defense and martial art, Aikido classes are also an excellent aerobic activity that offers the following health benefits:

• Muscular Fitness
• Sharper Mental Focus
• Improved Confidence
• Harmony and Accord

• Weight Loss
• Stress Reduction
• Greater Flexibility
• Increased Stamina